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Luciano Del Signore, Owner/Chef



About Luciano

Luciano Del Signore’s culinary education began watching his parents cultivate the presence of genuine Italian fare at their Italian-style diner in the Detroit area. By age 14, Luciano was developing his own signature dishes with a simple yet elegant style, recognizing that food is not just simply food – it is art.

Luciano has since become one of metro Detroit’s most renowned chefs, attributing his self-taught skills to cookbooks and summers spent in Italy.

As a first generation citizen of the United States, Luciano possesses strong ties to the Italian region of Abruzzo, just east of Rome. Through dining in some of Italy’s top restaurants, he has developed an acute palate and has been given a completely new perspective on what food should taste like. He is dedicated to cooking with the finest imported, natural ingredients, giving patrons an unforgettable dining experience.

While operating his parents’ restaurant, Fonte d’Amore, in Livonia, Luciano noticed a stead stream of patrons traveling from Birmingham and West Bloomfield to revel in his cooking. Before long, he decided to close Fonte d’Amore and establish his own restaurant closer to his clientele. In 2002, he opened Bacco Ristorante in Southfield.

Eight years later, he opened his first Pizzeria Biga location, just down the street from Bacco.